Well-aging wonder weapon: What is resveratrol good for?

Well-aging wonder weapon: What is resveratrol good for?

Resveratrol belongs to the polyphenols and can be found in many plants and plant foods such as grapes and Japanese knotweed. In the following article, you will learn what resveratrol is still good for today and what significance the active ingredient has for skin care.

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The active ingredient "resveratrol" is being talked about more and more these days. But what exactly is behind the active ingredient and what makes it so special?

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol - a substance found in plants. The natural function of resveratrol is to protect plants from stress, UV light or infections - like a natural protective shield. Today, the plant substance is increasingly used in skin care to protect our skin from harmful environmental influences and prevent premature aging. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol are of particular importance here. Free radicals are effectively neutralized to protect the skin from oxidative stress and prevent damage to skin cells and the skin barrier. Our skin cells remain young and active for longer and wrinkles are also permanently reduced. The result: firm and youthful skin. Resveratrol is also suitable for sensitive or damaged skin.

Resveratrol is good for our skin

Resveratrol strengthens the skin's antioxidant system

Resveratrol supports the skin's antioxidant system through two different mechanisms: As a powerful antioxidant, resveratrol effectively neutralizes free radicals, protecting against damage in skin cells. In addition, resveratrol increases the body's antioxidant capacity by promoting the formation of endogenous antioxidants.

Resveratrol inhibits enzymes that promote irritation

Resveratrol reduces the formation of factors responsible for irritation-promoting processes in the skin. The skin responds by reducing redness and irritation.

Resveratrol protects the production of collagen

Oxidative stress triggered by free radicals directly affects the existing collagen structures and leads to a degradation of the protein. At the same time, the production of collagen in the skin is inhibited. Resveratrol protects the skin's own collagen synthesis, which visibly tightens the skin contours and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

The active ingredient is therefore not called a well aging miracle cure for nothing!

Resveratrol is only partially soluble in water, which makes it difficult in cosmetics to provide the active ingredient in a suitable concentration that is effective for the skin. Thanks to our unique, patented technology, we are able to safely store the natural properties of resveratrol in its most active form and deliver it to the skin in an effective concentration.

Because only this form is able to effectively bind free radicals so that they cannot attack and even damage structures in the human body. In our laboratory, we can precisely measure the proportion of active resveratrol molecules and use only these in our formulation to deliver them to the skin in an effective concentration - for maximum efficacy and proven results:

  • The skin's antioxidant defense system is strengthened by up to 35% from the very first application.
  • After 8 weeks, the skin is 46% firmer and smoother and wrinkle depth has decreased by 10%.

Our tips for the use of resveratrol:

  1. Always use Resveratrol Concentrate or Resveratrol Concentrate Eye in the evening to ensure maximum effectiveness. Especially at night it can develop its antioxidant and regenerating effect particularly well.
  2. After cleansing, apply a pump of the product to the skin (face, neck, décolleté if necessary) or to the eye area and gently pat it in.
  3. If your skin needs extra moisture, apply a nourishing night cream afterwards.

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