The signal-response mode of operation of reveel

Our products speak the language of the skin - but what do we actually mean by that?

The skin needs additional support and signals

Adolescent skin is very reactive: it constantly reacts to internal and external influences. These influences, which we call signals, control, among other things, cell degradation, cell division and cell growth in the skin. The skin cells are instructed to produce essential structural components of the skin such as collagen or elastin, to replenish missing components or to restore the balance of the skin structure.

With increasing age, however, the skin loses its ability to restart the skin's own processes and the production of structural components slows down. At the same time, various external and internal influences, such as UV radiation, environmental pollution or stress, favour the breakdown of skin components, resulting in an unbalanced and weakened skin structure.

When this happens, we see signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles or pigmentation. The skin needs extra support and signals to produce enough structural components and restore the balance of the skin structure.

The skin can only respond to signals and support that speak its language.

Reactivation of the skin's natural processes

Our products send the right signals to the skin, which it recognises to guide skin cells to produce important structural skin components and reactivate and stimulate the skin's natural processes. We do this by selecting only biomaterials and active ingredients in their most active form, preserving their natural properties through our unique and innovative technologies, and delivering them to the skin in an effective concentration and in the right place.