Spring skin care

Spring skin care

Just as you adjust your clothes to the current weather, you need to question your main skincare routine every few months. Especially at the beginning of spring, it's worth putting the rich creams aside for the time being and applying a light care. Don't forget UV protection!
The days are getting longer and the sun is showing more. It's time to fill up on warmth and thus also new energy. But what does the change in temperature mean for the skin and our skin care routine?

How to care for your skin in spring

The rich creams that provided your skin with lipids in winter can go back in the cupboard for now. What your skin needs now are light textures and plenty of moisture. Fluids, gels and foams are suitable for cleansing.
  • Refining Moisturizer: Lightweight moisturizer to minimize pores, soothe and hydrate the skin. Provides a homogeneous complexion. Salicylic acid removes excess skin particles and stimulates skin renewal.
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Counteract premature skin aging due to the sun

The sun additionally puts a lot of stress on your skin. Excessive consumption of UV light damages the cells, the connective tissue and leads to premature skin aging. The skin gets age spots, the so-called hyperpigmentation, as well as (early) wrinkles.

Medical skin care against premature skin aging

These three products send signals to your skin and thus help to counteract premature aging, strengthen the skin's antioxidant defense system and neutralize free radicals:

  • Vitamin C Concentrate: highly concentrated vitamin C releases its full effect in the skin. Collagen synthesis is increased, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Enzymes involved in melanin synthesis are balanced and dark spots are lightened.
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  • Resveratrol Concentrate: Resveratrol as a strong shield against harmful environmental influences protects collagen formation and inhibits factors that cause irritation. Redness is minimized, the skin is tightened and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.
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  • Defending Day Serum Plus: Powerful in the daily fight against premature skin aging, the serum provides protection against damage caused by blue or UV light.
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