About reveel

YOUR IDEAL SKIN. REVEALED. Skincare 100% made in Germany. We have put more than 50 years of expertise in skin treatment into a new, unique brand.

reveel by MedSkin Solutions is a modern brand with a lot of know-how and highly effective products whose efficacy is tested by clinical studies and scientifically proven. The high-performance products meet a wide range of skin requirements.

The basis for product developments is our comprehensive understanding of the skin's sophisticated biological system of signals and responses. Our products guide the skin cells with the right signals to produce important structural skin components and reactivate and stimulate the skin's natural processes.

Natural mode of action of biomaterials

Thanks to our unique technologies, we are able to safely store the natural properties of our active ingredients to deliver them to the skin in their most active form and an effective concentration. The right pH level allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin exactly where they are needed.

Our goal is to unleash the full potential of the skin. Everything we do is 100% made in Germany.

Our product lines

reveel by MedSkin Solutions is a revolutionary concept that brings out the ideal skin appearance. There are seven product lines to choose from for treatment in professional beauty studios as well as for use at home, which can be freely combined to optimally address individual skin needs and unleash the skin's full potential. The products stimulate the skin's reactivity exactly where it is needed to restore the skin's balance.

more than 50 years of experience in medical treatment of the skin

Leading company in the field of regenerative medicine

reveel by MedSkin Solutions is the result of decades of expertise in professional skin treatment. MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack is one of the leading companies in the field of regenerative medicine and professional skin care with the Advanced CryoSafe® Method, a further development of freeze-drying. For many years, the company in Billerbeck in NRW and in Hamburg has been developing innovative solutions that restore the functionality of damaged or destroyed skin. Tens of thousands of patients with serious burns, extensive injuries and chronic wounds have already been successfully treated with the medical products.

This enormous expertise for the skin's sophisticated biological system and its regeneration processes was bundled in 2019 in the first own, highly effective skin care brand for experts and end consumers:

reveel by MedSkin Solutions. Your ideal skin. Revealed.

A strong woman behind a strong brand

reveel by MedSkin Solutions was developed over years of work by Diana Ferro, CEO of MedSkin Solutions Dr Suwelack, and her team. Their goal was to create a highly effective yet appealing skin care brand for the discerning woman that stands out from other professional skin care brands through their deep understanding of human skin and its regenerative processes, as well as their use of innovative technologies. The products shine not only with visible immediate effects, but above all with proven long-termbenefits.

From Billerbeck into the world

The Invention

Wolfgang Suwelack takes over the company from his father and develops a groundbreaking technology: an innovative processing of biomaterials that leaves the original properties intact. This research success enables us to preserve the natural properties and mechanisms of action of biomaterials. Over decades, our research team continues to refine the technology.