Powerful active ingredient: vitamin C in skin care

Powerful active ingredient: vitamin C in skin care

Vitamin C as a boost for the immune system - sure, everyone has heard that before. But what effect does vitamin C have in skin care? In fact, the active ingredient is one of the most effective means to protect and care for the skin. You can read more about this in the following article.

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Vitamin C is not unknown to us from everyday life: To prevent diseases and infections, we consume foods that contain many vitamins and minerals - including vitamin C. Like a natural protective shield, it shields our body from harmful influencing factors. Nowadays, vitamin C is also often found in skin care: Known as a true anti-aging wonder weapon, vitamin C is one of the most effective means of protecting and caring for the skin:

  1. Protection against environmental influences (such as cigarette smoke or UV light) due to antioxidant effect
  2. Smoothing effect by increasing collagen formation and supporting the collagen structure of the skin
  3. Reduction and weakening of pigmentation spots for a more even complexion by decreasing excessive melanin production.

What effects does vitamin C have on the skin?

Unfortunately, the body cannot produce vitamin C itself. Therefore, external support is needed (e.g. through vitamin C skin care products like our reveel Vitamin C Concentrate) to achieve powerful effects.

Vitamin C strengthens the skin's antioxidant system

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants in human skin. Young and healthy skin contains a high concentration of vitamin C, while the concentration in damaged or aged skin decreases and is correspondingly lower. Vitamin C neutralises free radicals and thus prevents damage to skin cells. Restoring vitamin C in damaged or aged skin strengthens the skin's antioxidant system.

Vitamin C inhibits melanin synthesis

Vitamin C inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is involved in melanin synthesis (formation of dark spots). The skin reacts by lightening pigmentation and the complexion becomes visibly more even.

Vitamin C increases the skin's own collagen synthesis

Oxidative stress triggered by free radicals directly affects the existing collagen structures and inhibits the production of the protein. Vitamin C protects against collagen degradation by neutralising free radicals and at the same time supports various enzymes to increase collagen synthesis. This visibly tightens the skin contours and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Not all vitamin C is the same!

The original and most effective form of vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid. The antioxidant is very reactive and can bind free radicals so that they do not attack and even damage structures in the human body. It fights oxidative stress, preventing premature aging of the skin and infections. It is also able to balance enzymes involved in collagen and melanin synthesis. This increases collagen synthesis and inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase. Thus, vitamin C has an extremely effective protective effect in skin care.

Due to its high reactivity, pure L-ascorbic acid is a very sensitive active ingredient that can oxidize rapidly in combination with oxygen, for example. If skin care products containing L-ascorbic acid in the form of serums or creams are stored in containers that are opened each time they are used, oxygen will reach the active ingredient. This reacts and decomposes before it can penetrate the skin. For this reason, many formulations of vitamin C skin care products rely on a derivative that does not decay when combined with oxygen, but is fundamentally less effective and potent. The most effective products are those in which the vitamin C is "freshly activated" just prior to application.

Thanks to our unique technology - the Advanced CryoSafe® Method - we are able to safely store the original and most effective form of vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, until it is used, so that it does not develop its full effect until it is freshly activated immediately before use. That's why stabilization, packaging and the way the active ingredient is stored are especially important. Our reveel Vitamin C Concentrate combines the most effective form of vitamin C and the unique Activator technology - for maximum protection of your skin against harmful influencing factors and a young-looking, firm skin texture with an even complexion!



Tips for the use of Vitamin C Concentrate:

  1. Apply Vitamin C Concentrate in the morning after cleansing your face.
  2. To do this, place a bead in the palm of your hand - a pumping action with the Activator will dissolve the bead, which can be mixed with your hands and applied to your face.
  3. The vitamin C can thus develop its full effectiveness and protect against environmental influences during the day.
  4. Apply a moisturizer after using the Vitamin C Concentrate.
  5. Finally, use a high sunscreen to protect you from UV rays (the combination of vitamin C + sunscreen is optimal).

Suitable vitamin C products

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