Wie kann ich meine Augen am besten pflegen?

How can I best care for my eyes?

No more tired and swollen eyes - in this article you will learn how you can effectively care for your eyes. Because: The earlier you start with the right care, the stronger the well-aging effect . After all, no one wants premature skin aging and wrinkles, right?

Our eye area has less fatty tissue than the rest of the facial skin. The skin barrier layer around the eyes is also the thinnest in our entire body. Therefore, signs of stress or fatigue can quickly become visible. Swelling can occur due to the loose connective tissue and the skin dries out more quickly. Since the skin area around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face, the eyes and the skin areas around them must be cared for with sufficient moisture.

The right care for your eyes

In general, care should be taken to ensure that the eyes are cleaned morning and evening and that the eye area is provided with the right care and active ingredients.

Cleansing the eyes

Gentle cleaning of the eyes is important in order not to put unnecessary strain on the sensitive skin. The eye area should be cleaned with a cloth or cotton pad moistened with lukewarm water from the inside out - i.e. from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple. This means that no dirt particles that have spread on the skin over the course of the day get into your eyes.

Due to the dirt and environmental influences that we are exposed to every day, it is of course important, in addition to the eyes, to clean the entire face thoroughly. Because make-up and dirt particles can lead to skin blemishes and a weakened skin barrier.

These active ingredients are good for the eyes

Collagen & alginate in eye care

Collagen is an effective ingredient in eye care. Native collagen fibers, molecules and peptides provide the skin with additional moisture and smooth wrinkles. In addition to our native and highly effective collagen, our Collagen Eye Mask also contains hyaluronic acid and soothes the skin around the sensitive eye area.

Alginate is made from brown algae and can bind hundreds of times its own weight in water and release it back into the skin. This way the moisturizing effect can be supported. The active ingredient is contained in our Marine Eye Mask , which creates a visible immediate effect thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients.

Our eye masks can be used several times a week, both in the morning and in the evening, as needed. While the collagen mask particularly soothes and smoothes the skin around the eyes thanks to the extremely high dosage of collagen, the deep-acting algae mask ensures an immediately plumper, rehydrated and visibly firmer appearance of the eye area.

Resveratrol & hyaluronic acid in eye care

Resveratrol protects collagen production, neutralizes free radicals and prevents skin irritation. It is contained, among other things, in our Resveratrol Concentrate Eye – an eye care product that is best applied in the evening after cleansing the eye area. This is a highly effective anti-aging concentrate that, in addition to resveratrol, also contains shea butter and hyaluronic acid, which also moisturize the sensitive eye area and sustainably stimulate lipid production.

Photo: www.evelieneklink.de

Hyaluronic acid is also an important active ingredient in eye care. Among other things, it is involved in repair processes and wound healing, promotes the storage of moisture in the skin and binds it. The combination of active ingredients in our Resveratrol Concentrate Eye has been proven to make skin 46% firmer and reduce tired skin around the eye area by 44%*.

More tips for sparkling eyes

Apply eye cream properly

Eye creams are usually rich, provide the skin with sufficient moisture and stimulate lipid production. The skin around the eyes also benefits from the right care technique. The best way to care for your eyes is to always apply the cream in a consistent stroke direction, gently and without rubbing roughly.

Stimulate blood circulation

The best way to care for your eyes is to balance the moisture level with the right eye care. To prevent dark circles under the eyes, blood circulation can be stimulated by gently and evenly tapping the eye care product with your fingertips.

Refreshment for puffy eyes

Cooling eye pads can help against puffiness in the morning. Our eye masks (Collagen Eye Mask & Marine Eye Mask) provide a special kick of freshness in the morning and a lasting, immediate effect.

If you don't have them in the house at the moment, cooled compresses or spoons can also provide initial cooling by placing them on the swollen eyes.

*Dermatological Evaluation, University of Hamburg, 2017; n = 18 (♀ aged 35 to 50), once daily use for 8 weeks; Skin smoothing (Expert Rating); Skin density (Ultrasound), Skin firmness (Cutometer); Customer satisfaction (Questionnaire).