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Skin care in winter: How to winterize your skin

In winter our skin is exposed to various factors that deprive the skin of moisture. In our article you will find out more about skin care in winter and we will give you helpful tips for radiantly beautiful skin in the winter months.
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What does the skin need in winter?

Different factors cause problems for the skin when the days get colder. These include:

  • Dry heating air

  • Cold, wind

  • Temperature fluctuations

  • Wearing turtlenecks or scarves

They not only deprive the skin of the moisture it needs, but also leave lipid gaps (e.g. ceramides) in your skin barrier. This results in dry, dehydrated, sensitive, reddened, but perhaps also pale skin. Our skin therefore needs strong protection that strengthens the skin barrier and protects it from transepidermal water loss, i.e. loss of moisture. In order to build up this strong protection, the skin needs a balance of antioxidants in the skin and an extra portion of moisture. The water content in the epidermis, i.e. the top, visible layer of skin, is crucial for whether the appearance looks uniform, soft, elastic or dry, flaky and rough.

Lipids make your skin supple, strengthen your skin barrier and offer protection against moisture loss. It is therefore important to fill these moisture and lipid gaps with skin-like lipids and moisturizing factors and to support your skin in its own lipid formation.

Which ingredients are important for skin care in winter?

For the perfect winter glow, you can rely on the following four ingredients:

  1. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the main component of supporting and connective tissue. It intensively rehydrates the skin, stabilizes it and protects it from drying out. What is important is that not all collagen is created equal. The following applies here: the more similar the collagen used is to human collagen, the more tolerable and effective it is for the skin. All of our collagen products are 97% similar to human collagen and are therefore particularly effective.

  2. Vitamin C is another ideal active ingredient for cold temperatures because it protects the skin from external environmental influences. Not only does it have a brightening effect against hyperpigmentation, it also supports the skin in building collagen and acts as a free radical scavenger. It therefore has strong antioxidant properties. Here too, the form of the vitamin C used is crucial: the substance is very sensitive, which is why stabilization, packaging and the way in which the active ingredient is stored are particularly important so that it does not lose its effect before use. Thanks to our unique technology, our vitamin C is safely stored in its most active form until it is used and only develops its full effect with fresh activation before application.

  1. Resveratrol acts like a natural protective shield, protecting the buildup of collagen and reducing inflammatory redness.

  1. Oils and lipids , which are contained in day and night creams, for example, support the development of the lipid barrier.

Product tips for successful skin care in winter

The Collagen Serum Spray is particularly suitable for optimal skin care in winter. It places a moisture network made of native (skin-like) collagen molecules over the skin, provides the skin with intensive moisture and makes feelings of tension disappear. Simply spray on your face, neck and décolleté in the morning, evening and as needed.

For even more moisture - especially for the sensitive eye area - you can use the Marine Eye Mask . The calcium ions it contains activate your skin's aquaporins (water channels), balancing the skin's moisture content and improving moisture retention. Use the mask as needed 1-2 times a week for approx. 15 minutes.

You can find other suitable products to make your skin winter-proof in our shop . And winter can come...