Kosmetik aus Deutschland: reveel ist 100 % made in Germany

Cosmetics from Germany: reveel is 100% made in Germany

Our reveel products from the medical and cosmetic sector are all “made in Germany” and stand for the highest quality and innovative manufacturing processes - and have been doing so since the 1960s.
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We produce our skin care products in Germany

The company MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack, which is behind the reveel brand, has been researching innovative and effective skincare products from Germany since the 1960s. The origins of MedSkin Solutions lie in medical skin care. The products are often used for severe burns or extensive injuries. The brand reveel by MedSkin Solutions is now transferring our findings from years of medical research to the cosmetic sector.

Our reveel Skincare products, developed and produced in Germany, not only meet the high German dermatological standards, but are also based on the same principles according to which we develop our medical products:

  • Transparency and compatibility of the ingredients
  • Scientifically proven effect from our own research
  • Highest standards in German production and quality assurance

What exactly does 100% made in Germany mean at reveel?

Our experts from all over Germany control the research and development of reveel products with the highest scientific standards. Based on this research, the products are manufactured in Germany. Our production facility has been in Billerbeck (NRW) since the 1960s.

reveel by MedSkin Solutions lives the quality promise behind the label “made in Germany”. reveel therefore stands for the highest quality without compromise. The products are naturally skin-friendly, free of aluminum and microplastics and cruelty-free.