Support your skin with the right signals to get effective responses for youthful and healthy appearance

Support your skin with the right signals to get effective responses for youthful and healthy appearance

The skin is not only our largest organ but also a complex, sophisticated biological system that constantly sends signals to trigger its regeneration processes. Young skin, in particular, is highly responsive, reacting consistently to various signals, thereby reactivating and stimulating natural processes. 
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The skin is not only our largest organ but also a complex, sophisticated biological system that constantly sends signals to trigger its regeneration processes. Young skin, in particular, is highly responsive, reacting consistently to various signals, thereby reactivating and stimulating natural processes. However, with increasing age, the skin’s responsive ability diminishes. Consequently, visible signs of skin aging start to appear. To maintain youthful and healthy skin, external support becomes necessary as we age, helping to send the right signals to trigger the skin’s regeneration processes.

But how do I know which signals my skin can no longer send itself? A skin analysis and consultation with a certified beautician can help; however, even without an expert, anyone can learn to listen to their skin’s language to provide it with skincare that sends the right signals to trigger important skin processes. reveel skincare expert Heather Stockley has compiled some tips that should help you understand your skin’s language and provide it with the right signals from the outside.

A little guide to skin language

The following guide can help you discover exactly what your skin needs and which active ingredients you can use to stimulate your skin’s processes. Ask yourself the following questions to discover what your skin lacks and how you can compensate for this deficiency:

1. Does your skin feel dry and prone to fine lines and wrinkles?

If your skin shows increased dryness and accentuation of fine lines, wrinkles and flakiness, this is often not “dryness” but rather dehydration. Very dry, dehydrated skin could even get irritated, resulting in inflammation.
In addition, external factors, such as climate, air conditioning and other stress factors, can affect your skin. You may notice that your skin can no longer cope with all these factors so easily and that they significantly impact your skin appearance, as they could lead to decreased skin moisture. The skin can no longer independently send signals that trigger its own processes to retain moisture, necessitating targeted help from the outside!

 Tip 1: Collagen helps to refill moisture deposits

  • Collagen molecules form a moisture net, and natural moisturizing factors are released. The skin is infused with extra moisture, and moisture deposits are refilled. With collagen, your skin gets the support needed to increase its cell renewal. 

  • Collagen is ideal for the skin because it is bio-identical, similar to human DNA. The exceptionally high efficacy of reveel by MedSkin Solutions’ products is made possible using collagen that resembles human collagen by 97 percent. It can preserve the natural properties of collagen as well as the native triple helix structure and safely store the full efficacy until application.

  • You will recognize the results quickly – your skin becomes deeply hydrated and feelings of discomfort or tightness are reduced. Additionally, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminishes, and the skin immediately looks plump and firm, rejuvenating its appearance with long-lasting effects.

  • A clinical study1 has proven the efficiency of collagen in the reveel Collagen Serum Spray. There was a 14 percent increase in skin hydration after two weeks and a 25 percent improvement in skin firmness after four weeks.

Tip 2: Fucoidan for instantly plumped skin

  • Fucoidan algae extract provides moisture while stimulating anti-ageing mechanisms. Fucoidan inhibits collagenase, elastase and tyrosinase. Ectoin forms a protective shield from light rays and pollution while strengthening skin barrier. The skin is infused with extra moisture, which boosts moisture reservoirs. The intensity of age spots and collagen breakdown is reduced. Support from Fucoidan enhances the skin’s defence mechanisms.

  • Algae extract offers rapid results: The skin is instantly plumped, hydrated and calmed, with immediate and long-lasting visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles. The skin’s appearance is rejuvenated, with a lasting effect.

  • A clinical study2 confirmed a 21 percent increase in skin hydration after 20 minutes of using reveel Marine Spray Serum. Furthermore, after four weeks, wrinkles were significantly reduced by 17 percent.

Tip 3: Hyaluronic acid for a smoothed and supple skin feeling

  • Another ingredient that helps to improve the skin’s moisture-binding capacity is hyaluronic acid. By forming a moisture net on the skin, hyaluronic acid offers relief when the skin becomes drier, dehydrated and easily irritated. Hyaluronic acid is the perfect remedy when the skin feels tight or rough.
  • With the help of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s moisture reserves are replenished, binding moisture within the skin. The skin’s lipid production is enabled, TEWL (transepidermal water loss) is reduced, and the skin barrier is strengthened.

Consequently, dryness, lines and wrinkles are smoothed. When the skin is hydrated and nourished, it feels smooth and supple.

The effectiveness of reveel Comforting Moisturizer has been demonstrated by clinical study3, showing a remarkable 110 percent increase in skin hydration after a single use and a substantial 158 percent increase after four weeks.

2. Does your skin look uneven, with dark spots?

Over time, the skin naturally loses collagen, which presents multiple signs of aging. The complexion can become uneven, and dark spots can appear. Lines and wrinkles become more evident, and the skin loses its firmness.

  • Vitamin C balances enzymes involved in collagen and melanin synthesis and neutralizes free radicals. Collagen synthesis is increased, and tyrosinase activity is inhibited. The skin's anti-oxidative defence system is strengthened.
  • Vitamin C, in its original and most effective form, is L-ascorbic acid. However, getting L-ascorbic acid into a formulation is also highly challenging. The proprietary methods from reveel by MedSkin Solutions can ensure the stability of the active ingredient until it is applied to the skin, allowing L-ascorbic acid to act as a well-aging agent in its most active form.
  • Skin contours are firmed and dark spots are lightened; the complexion appears more even. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin is protected against premature aging.
  • According to a clinical study4, reveel’s Vitamin C Concentrate usage resulted in a 33 percent decrease in skin roughness, a 31 percent increase in skin elasticity and a 27 percent reduction in wrinkle depth after eight weeks.

 3. Does your skin tend to be prone to redness and sensitivity?

Due to environmental factors, such as pollution, the collagen structure can be weakened. This leads to lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and skin density.

These environmental factors can also lead to increased redness and sensitivity.
For the protection of collagen, the ingredient Resveratrol can help. It inhibits pro-irritating enzymes and neutralizes free radicals. Anti-aging matrikines stimulate the production of collagen. The result: Collagen synthesis is increased and irritative processes are inhibited. The skin’s anti-oxidative defence system is strengthened. Consequently, facial contours appear firmer and redness is reduced. Resveratrol is also suitable for sensitive or damaged skin.
Clinical study5 proves that the reveel Resveratrol Concentrate increases skin firmness by 46 percent. Resveratrol is also a powerful antioxidant and when used at night, it works to repair and regenerate the skin.

How skincare products can stimulate the skin’s natural processes

Thanks to many years of expertise in regenerative medicine and professional skincare, reveel knows exactly which signals the skin needs to react in the desired way.

The reveel products send the right signals to the skin, which it recognizes for cells to produce important structural skin components and reactivate the skin’s natural
activity and processes: “We do this by using only biomaterials and active ingredients in their most active form, preserving their natural properties through our unique and innovative technologies and delivering them to the skin in an effective concentration and the right place”, explains reveel skincare expert Heather Stockley. "This way, we preserve youthful and healthy skin by triggering the skin’s regeneration processes with the right signals."


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